Marathi Memes Templates: Mulshi Pattern, De Dhakka, Pak Pak Pakaak Memes

Marathi Memes Templates: Mulshi Pattern, De Dhakka, Pak Pak Pakaak Memes

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Mulshi Pattern Memes Templates

Here are the famous dialogues and Marathi meme templates from Mulshi Pattern movie :Om Bhutkar as Rahul (Rahulya)

Kuthe hota tu are kay me melyavar yenar hota ka, Nangarasakat, Tumchya Saglyancha Baap Aala, Aakh Market Aata Apalay, Tarrakan, Mag Mee Plastic Ahe, Aata Aapan Fakt Postmortem Mojayche Meme Template

De Dhakka Meme Templates

Deool Memes Template

Pak Pak Pakaak Meme Template | Marathi Memes Templates

We got you Pak Pak Pakaak Movie Template. Pak Pak Pakaak Marathi movie released in 2005. Gautam Joglekar directed this Horror Comedy movie.

The story revolves around boy named Chiklu, a mischievous boy who enters the big forest which is known as haunted place. Forest haunted by Bhutya (Ghost). In the haunted forest, he finally encounters Bhootya. Chiklu and Bhootya became friends. With story ongoing Bhootya taught him to respect nature and life transforms the Chiklu’s character.


अपडेटसाठी लाईक करा आमच्या फेसबुक पेजलाटि्वटरवर आणि इंस्टाग्राम फाॅलो करा.

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