PMC Issues Guidelines For Restaurants, Bars; No Buffet Allowed, Know More Here

PMC Issues Guidelines For Restaurants, Bars; No Buffet Allowed, Know More Here

Pune: Unlock 5 Guidelines are out, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has allowed restaurants, bars, and food courts to open with 50 % seating capacity from Monday i.e 5th October. With state government, PMC also issued guidelines to operate restaurants, bars, and hotesl. Rules should be followed strictly, otherwise owners will face legal action.

Guidelines issued by PMC for Restaurants and Bars

All customers must be screened using thermal guns at the entry point for symptoms of COVID – 19. One person information should be note down for contact tracing. Those with a temperature more than recommended by ICMR 38.0 ° C ( 100.4 ° F ) and flu-like symptoms shall not be permitted.

Customers allowed only using face cover/masks. Customers are always required to wear a face mask while on the premises (except during eating).

Hand Sanitizers must be made available by restaurant and bars for usage of customers.

Digital Payment to be encouraged as much as possible, and precautions shall be taken by cashier while handling cash, hands should be sanitized regularly by cashier. Glass between cashier and customer at bill point. One meter distance to be followed between two tables. No Buffet Allowed.

Valet parking if available, shall be operational with operating staff wearing face covers/masks and gloves as appropriate. 

Disposable menus to be used to reduce the chances of transference of viruses. Reusable menu’s should be sanitized after used by customer. Contactless menu through QR Code recommended 

Avoid including raw or cold food like salads, etc. as far as possible, Only cooked food to be included in the menu.

Tables, Chairs, workstations, buffet tables, linen, etc. to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants daily.

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