Hilarious Tweets From 2017 Only Indians Will Understand

Hilarious Tweets From 2017 Only Indians Will Understand

We Indians know how to turn a phrase. Screw all who think we wouldn’t have a sense of humor, due to the fact I’ve located a gold mine. Long has Twitter been the stage of a sketch of thoughts and shower philosophy. So, here are top hilarious tweets that best Indian will relate to. This is as brown because it will get, mens and womens.

A. Famous And Hilarious Tweets in India 2017

    1. Indian bowling attack will lose a lot of teeth after Nehra’s retirement.
    2. My parents hate my Oneplus phone because it says ‘Never Settle’.
    3. You know happened to the guys who can’t grow a beard? Puberty tried to hit them, but they ducked.
    4. If you don’t want to get hounded, make sure your tweet is socially, morally, ethically, politically, religiously & grammatically correct.

B.Hilarious Tweets Famous in India

    1. I follow some people just to see how their hypocrisy is different from my hypocrisy.
    2. Oscars have categories & then chose a winner, we chose a winner & then decide a category. – Arshad Warsi
    3. Doubt if any nation has made a bigger mockery of patriotism than us Indians. Centuries of slaved, colonised mind hitting back at itself – Abhijit Majumder
    4. Amitabh Bachchan doing ads for Mankind. Who better than him can understand the benefits of condom.
    5. I can’t stop yawning in office. I’m afraid I’m catching ‘Yawn Rog’.
    6. Me: A 3-hour movie?! Who does that?! Also me: I will now watch all 13 hours of this tv series in one sitting.
    7. Marriage is like zombie virus. The infected people start hunting down and try to make the uninfected ones join them.
    8. Damn girl, are you Kashmiri? Because you just rocked my world.
    9. A Haunted House but it’s just Walmart and you keep seeing people you work with.
    10. Girl, can I borrow a cigarette from you? Because you are smoking.
    11. Girl, are you the Gorakhpur hospital? Because you’re making me breathless.

C. Hilarious Tweets in India 2017

    1. WEBSITE: You must be legal age to view this content. What year were you born? ME AT 13: [Playing it safe] 623 BC
    2. Every midnight, I remember that I should buy something to eat during midnight.
    3. After what happened with the match fixing saga, every player who took us out of that doom and gloom became a legend in my eyes.
    4. INTERVIEWER: Why did u leave your last job? ME: Because of something my boss said I: It says here u were fired ME: That’s the thing he said

D. Famous Hilarious Tweets in India 2017

    1. Hrithik Roshan has 6 fingers on his hand. Poor guy can’t even show middle finger to Kangana.
    2. What do you call it when a cat goes on Radio? A. Billionaire

E. Famous Halloween And Hilarious Tweets in India

  1. Halloween idea- make voodoo dolls of all your relatives who will just ask your future plans.
  2. walks into work with massive bruise on cheek* Co-worker: omg what happened Me: thinks back to dropping phone on my face uh, mugged
  3. Director- you’ll have to play an ugly king in this historic biopic. Bollywood actors- okay but make sure I look hot AF.
  4. Retweeting tweets seeking help is one kind of philanthropy and actually helping is another.


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